About us

The  Viet Viet travel limited company  specializes in tourism , providing inbound   public  private trips, Aventure trip, Package trip and Special bicycle trip after which  people always feel relaxed , refreshed , and comfortable , selling bus or plane  tickets from  standard to luxurious classes to everywhere , renting bicycles , motorcycles , cars , and some other services … it was founded in 2000 . After that , it has not only  been well – known by tourists but also printed in a lot of guide books as a firm giving good services to travelers . The difference of the company  from others is that we care about customers ‘ satisfaction not their profit . That ‘ s why , it is usually high valued . When customers come to us , we are warmly – welcome all the time , given good advice for trips . The most memorable thing is that customers have gifts to make the company memorable . As the result , tourists always get back to us for business  and the company is often a recommendation to their friends , families , relatives , acquaintances . 

Why choose Viet Viet Travel?

1/ We have 16 years of travel industry experience.

2 /we train new staff in a knowledge of  products and in methods of how to persuade travelers . we always have meetings to design new sales strategy every other month   we all are responsible for turnover of the company

 3/ We possess an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of tour operators

and tour guides.

4/ The role of marketing division is to promote virtual products  to the target customers . Always we look for new markets . We are in charge of making customers  remember our company and making the company stay competitive among opponent firms .

5/ We not only take care of customers but also sell the services  to them directly . It is considered the most important in the company because it lets the tourists know how friendly , devoted we are . we  have to be positive all the time even though they often interact with some picky customers. The main purpose of this division is trying to satisfy customers